Holy Week at Santhome Basilica, Chennai (HDR)

Holy Week at Santhome Basilica, Chennai (HDR) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I was pondering this past weekend a question entered my mind.  We have Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Is there a name for the Saturday in between.   Is it Sad Saturday or Solemn Saturday or maybe Scared Saturday?    I am not sure if there is an official name for the Saturday in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

I do know that for Jesus’ followers and the world it was certainly a different kind of day.  To say that the day was sad seems like a real understatement.  If we added words like hopeless, lonely, gloomy, dark, and crushing we might get closer to what the general mood was.  We could add scared as well to the description of the disciples emotions.  Because they were definitely scared.  They were scared out of their minds.  They had seen the horrors of the cross and did not want to share in that at all.  As a matter of fact on Saturday we find them hidden away from the eyes of the Jews and Romans.  They were afraid for their life.  They were anything but religious fanatics.  Indeed they had turned their back on Christ when he needed them most. 

So as seemingly tragic as Friday felt to them, Saturday seemed even more hopeless.  What would they do.  Many returned to their old life.   For Peter that was fishing. 

It wasn’t until the third day, when Jesus was risen from the grave that things started to click for the disciples.  Shortly afterwards we see the same apostles who were cowering in fear now shaking the finger in the face of the very ones who had crucified Christ and telling them in no uncertain terms that the man they had crucified was indeed the Messiah

What had turned these timid and frightened apostles into bold witnesses in such short order?   The Resurrection!!!

What a drastic difference was made in a matter of hours.  All doubt had been erased and the world would never be the same.  

They totally forgot about Sad Saturday.   Or as I like to call it Sadderday.   The Resurrection had totally erased it from their mind.   Maybe that is why we have no official holy day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.   I wonder?